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Join a village safari and get a once in a life time experience; a unique glimpse into the lifestyle and everyday activities of rural village life. Learn the history of its people with their distinct traditions still kept alive today. See the women in their vibrant colourful attire smile behind their veils as they go about their daily work in village and their traditional mud plastered houses. The friendly young children, the handsome men with their large moustaches and turbans greet you whilst cows wander through the narrow streets the bells around their necks jingling as they walk. Each aspect of village life can relate a story to you of a simple rural existence which still continues today in these remote villages.


The life style in Bhenswara is a synonym to purity and ethnicity in every sense. Here in the village you see charming faces of the people clad in vibrant colours so typical of Rajasthan. In the early morning the vast green fields reverberate with morning birdsong. The fields grow the traditional crops and farm fresh vegetables, every aspect is close to the earth of Mother India. You can get a glimpse of a rural Rajasthani household and its simple no frills lifestyle. Drinking water is stored in the earthen pots keeping it cool in the sunshine. A bullock cart trundles past carrying the chaff for the stock. At cow dust time, when the herd returns home at sunset the herdsmen direct the grazing cows back home after a day in the fields. This is well know by photographers as the magical time for taking the best photographs.

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