experience the legendary hospitality that this land is famous for ...

the experience at the ravla goes well beyond just staying in a hotel in rajasthan ,, you are treated as a family friend by your hosts. The ravla bhenswara is wear they take great pried in making you experience that the culture of this magnificent land still breathes its unique flair - the guest are greeted with teeka and moli (tie n die threads) and at Departure a small token of good omen for the journey ahead , jagery (gur) and a thread of good luck , (kakandora) is tied. These things together constitute the perfect blend of an experience that you will get no where else . The host kr shivpratap singh and his family lives in the same ravla and are more than happy to entertain and swap tales with their guest the make great effort to keep the cultural heritage of their family still alive

Ravla Bhenswara
Village Bhenswara , Jalore

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