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Activities and Attraction

Ancestral Heritage

The family are very keen to share with you, their guests, some traditional Rajasthani recipes passed down through generations of the family in a cooking demonstration. Their aim is to keep this simple for the guests to learn in an enjoyable environment and to teach you about Rajasthani cuisine. The style of cooking is very different in this desert land and you will learn how to make dishes from the organic desert vegetables often cooked in butter or milk and butter milk thus minimizing the use of water. They use organic vegetables which are grown in the fields and forests surrounding the Ravla and are high in nutritional value. This is a chance to relax, have fun and learn to cook some delicious dishes.

Henna Painting, also known as Mehndi has been used for centuries in traditional body art. The natural leaves are dried and ground to a powder and it is then applied to the body, usually the hands or feet in beautiful intricate ethnic designs. The application of Henna is painless, non-permanent as has no side effects. The Mehndi Ceremony is a fun filled pre wedding ritual for the Bride and her family leaving her looking so beautiful for her Bridegroom. It can also be used for other auspicious and religious occasions so let yourself be decorated so you too can feel like a real Indian Bride.

Male guests can be dressed in a dhoti and kurta and can wear a safa [turban] on their heads, the traditional Indian attire to make you feel like a Rajput Prince.

The Ladies can experience a feeling of elegance and grace as they are dressed in the most beautiful of Indian outfits, the Sari. Thus transformed you and can enjoy a Diwali themed evening with traditional Indian music and a delicious B-B-Q.

Let the stresses of life melt away with a traditional oil or herbal paste massage. You can choose either a shoulder and back massage, a full body massage or a special foot massage. Each one will leave you feeling relaxed and tranquil and is the perfect way to unwind from your traveling.

Ravla Bhenswara
Village Bhenswara , Jalore

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